Jaime Soria                 

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Jaime Soria has been performing and playing “pretend games” since she was a small child - not necessarily for large audiences, but instead for whoever would pay attention to her.  Her non-stop talking and quick wit earned her the nickname “Miss Chatterbox” at the age of five, during which time the phrase “Jaime, mommy’s ears are tired” was said to her on a daily basis.  


As her interest in the performing arts developed, Jaime was able to find creative outlets for her energy by enrolling in dance classes and piano lessons. By age 8, she made the decision to become an actress while watching Steven Spielberg’s “Tiny Toon Adventures." Babs Bunny, who dreamed of being a famous actress herself, would amuse her cartoon friends with impressions, strange voices, and pretend games.  Jaime could think of no better way to spend the rest of her life.    


Jaime lives in Los Angeles where she makes a living utilizing her limitless talking, strange voices, and pretend games.

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